The Salty Blog #1 - What Sets a Salty Seat apart from other beach chairs?

why don't we have both?


Hi there and welcome to the first edition of the Salty Blog. You may already know who we are but just incase, I am Luke and along with my best mate Jake, we started Salty Seats. 

two best mates

Our beach chairs are full of unique features as we believe there was a serious lack of innovation and functionality within the beach scene. Too many poor experiences was the catalyst for us to take a serious look into what would make the ultimate beach chair.

Form or function?

why don't we have both?

Visual aesthetics are important for any product, but functionality dictates the users every day experience. In order to create something that is beautiful but practical, we put our Salty Seats dad caps on and identified problems that your typical beach chair encounters (shameless plug).

Issues we have identified

We identified the following problems; chairs with legs sink into the sand, fixed seating position/angle, inconvenient and cumbersome to carry, and finally uncomfortable. Our beach chair attempts to solve all of these issues through thoughtful design decisions.

The birth of the Salty Seat

Firstly, having a flat base with no legs results in a greater surface area and is therefore, significantly more difficult to sink into the sand. A Salty Seat has 5 different angled positions for different levels of comfort and relaxation. It also folds completely flat to double as a beach bed.

Foldable beach chair with different adjustable angles

Can you fall back? We get asked this a lot and don't worry, the answer is no. Our chairs have an automatic locking mechanism and your weight on the base means you can lean back without the fear of falling.

Beach day on your back + Detachable bag

Thinking about lugging all of your beach gear to and from the beach is a huge mental obstacle. So we braindstormed this time with our terry towel bucket hats on, what is the easiest way to get from A to B without it feeling like a chore. The result is a combination of backpack straps and a detachable bag integrated into the design. These features were a main driving force  and we are super proud of the outcome.

Who doesn't want to walk to the beach with hands free (or with a beverage in hand. Pop all of your belongings in before you head out and simply remove the bag when you arrive. 

Why would you need to remove you ask? So that you have easy access to your drinks, sunscreen etc. and can lie flat without squishing your belongings in the back.

Thank you

If you are still reading, thank you for taking the time to discover what sets our seats apart from the rest and we look forward to bringing you more insightful blog posts in the future.

all angles of our Salty Seat beach chair

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