The Salty Blog #2 - How to clean your Salty Seat

The Salty Blog #2 - How to clean your Salty Seat

Our seats have been designed to be robust and withstand the beach conditions. However, they may occasionally become dirty. Keep it simple is the method we use here at Salty Seats.

Below are some cleaning tips to make sure your seat stays looking fresh this summer, and beyond! ☀️


1. This one may seem obvious.. however, it must be said. Empty contents in backpack and remove backpack attachment if necessary as the next steps will involve water.

2. Before cleaning, shake off any excess sand from your last trip to the beach. 🏝️

3. Spot clean with warm water and a white cloth or sponge. This ensures no dye from the cloth transfers on to your seat! 🧽

4. If you have a more stubborn stain, try using warm soapy water or a mild detergent. 🧼

We do not recommend removing the outer fabric layer.


1. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your seat as this may affect the fabric. If you are unsure about a product, spot test before applying!

2. Avoid scrubbing too hard as this may cause the stain to spread and ruin the fabric. Instead, use light circular motions.

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